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    Gear, Shaft, Agricultural Machinery Parts, John Deere, Transmission Gears, Gearbox, John Deere Tractor Spare Parts, Truck Gears
    • YC21-SHAFT Z10928

    • YC15-GEAR PK1849D

    • YC13-GEAR SHAFT H64031

    • YC03-GEAR H32057

    • YB045-Starter



    • YB047- FUEL PUMP

    Sormor Gear Co., Ltd was established in 1990, It is located in Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province. Company was specialized in the manufacturing of gears & shafts for automobiles, motorcycles, trucks and some heavy equipment.  At the same time, we produce gears & shafts for tractors, power tools and agricultural machines. 

    At present, there are over 300 sets of advanced machines are utilized in our factory. Such as Gleason milling machines, Aichelin heat-treated Production line,  grinding,  precision forging and other advanced equipment. Also we have many advanced inspection instruments such as CMM, hardness testers, coating thickness gauges and so on. All these machines and equipments assure superior performance of our products. What is more, the company enhanced IT Department in the past 2 years, and built the ERP, PDM, OA and barcode tracking system. All these efforts are pushing our company to a higher level on both technique and management.     

    The company owns ISO9002-1994 certificate;  ISO9001:2000... see more >>

    R&D Manufactruemore>>

    Sormor has its own R&D center, the center has advanced research laboratory facilities and intelligent inspection system. We invited well-known experts at home and abroad as consultants,and work ......

    Company Newsmore>>

    Contact Usmore>>



    E-mall: jh2939@vip.163.com

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